The October Testament

This is for you, if you love God’s word. It is for believers who desire to be fed with heavenly truth in all its fullness, and to read it in the language of the Holy Spirit and the historic words of the faith.

This is the New Testament of William Tyndale – his final revision (1535) as it was published by John Rogers in the Matthew Bible, complete with original commentaries from both men, and all gently updated by Ruth Magnusson Davis.

It is a little known fact that the Matthew Bible formed the basis of the King James Version. Therefore the reader will find much that is familiar in the beauty of these scriptures, but will be pleased with the greater flow and clarity.

How Ruth updated the New Testament (and why she called it the October Testament) – Preface


“I had the paperback and just received a numbered copy of the hardback (very very nice!). This version, The October Testament, is a true treasure and a must for the bible lover’s library. It’s great to have such access back to the roots of the English bible. Thanks for your labors.”
– Jim Powell

“Thank you Ruth. I have read the sample readings you provide on I was very blessed as I felt a beautiful purity and intimacy more so in this rendering than any other translation I have ever read. The passion and spirit of the original NT writers and of Tyndale himself seem to flow and breathe into the soul of the reader. I felt more of an intimacy, freshness and the life giving power of the Holy Spirit in the portions that I read. I look forward to purchasing a few copies one for myself and giving the others as gifts to close friends who I know will cherish them highly.”
– Kevin Allison